Landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment for your property in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, as it'll illuminate it so you can continue to use it even after the sun goes down! However, lighting can also draw attention to focal points, and various techniques can create an eye-catching display that highlights their beauty that much more. For example, wall-washing will cast an even glow across a wall, while silhouette lighting will highlight the shape of an object against a bright background. Another technique is shadowing, which creates a dramatic display of shadows. The final technique you can incorporate on your property is moonlighting, which casts lighting downwards from higher up to mimic natural illumination from the moon.

1. Wall-Washing

The first landscape lighting technique to incorporate on your property is wall-washing. Wall-washing involves placing the light fixture a few feet from the front of the wall to create a soft, even glow across it. This technique is ideal for highlighting a large surface because it eliminates shadows, making it seem more expansive and creating visual interest. Not only that, but it also subtly illuminates its surroundings for a truly mesmerizing ambiance.

2. Silhouette Lighting

Another landscape lighting technique to consider incorporating on your property is silhouette lighting. Silhouette lighting involves placing a fixture behind the desired object and casting the brightness against the wall. This technique will create a dark silhouette of the feature, such as a tree, shrub, hardscape, or anything else, against the illuminated background. Not only does this highlight its unique shape, but it also creates a striking display that enhances your property's appeal.

3. Shadowing

The third landscape lighting technique that would elevate your property's beauty is shadowing. Shadowing involves placing a light fixture in front of the object to create a shadow against the surface behind it. This technique is ideal for more free-flowing elements like trees and plants, as it will make a dramatic display against the wall as they move. As a result, it gives both the object and the surface behind it an intriguing visual appeal.

4. Moonlighting

The last landscape lighting technique to consider incorporating on your property is moonlighting. As the name implies, the goal of this technique is to mimic the soft, natural glow of moonlight. So, it involves placing a fixture high up, usually atop a tree, and directing the light downwards. That way, it illuminates the ground with a moon-like illumination, creating gentle shadows and a beautiful display.

While moonlighting can serve aesthetic purposes, it can also keep your property visible at night so you can safely navigate it. Additionally, it can deter potential intruders, as they're less likely to trespass when it's well-lit since it increases the chances of being spotted!

You'll want to use low-voltage LEDs for your landscape lighting system, as they're long-lasting, energy-efficient, and highly durable!

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