Sloped properties are common in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as there are a lot of mountains and hilly terrains. If your property is on a slope, you may have found that it doesn't have much usable space, and soil erosion occurs at a faster rate. Fortunately, there's a solution to these problems - a retaining wall! A retaining wall is a functional hardscape that can hold soil in place, reducing erosion and creating more flat, usable space on your property. However, that's not all - retaining walls are also highly customizable, from their design and materials to their height and overall aesthetic. This blog will discuss the benefits of installing a retaining wall on your sloped property and how it can even become a stylish addition!

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a functional hardscape structure that holds soil in place, greatly reducing erosion. It can also create more usable space on your property. However, it can just simply serve as a wall or even a spot for guests to sit in your outdoor living space.

How does a retaining wall benefit sloped properties?

Stone steps and retaining wall surrounded by flowers installed on a sloped property in Bethlehem, PA.

While a retaining wall can make a great addition to any property, it's especially beneficial for those built on slopes or hilly terrain. After all, soil erosion occurs at a faster rate on sloped properties, so it'll stop the soil from washing away by keeping it in place. Another benefit of installing a retaining wall is it turns previously unusable, sloped areas into flat, usable opportunities. You can now use that flat land in ways you couldn't before, from expanding your outdoor living space to implementing softscape elements!

Retaining walls are highly customizable and offer various design options for you to choose from.

Not only are retaining walls functional, but they're also stylish and highly customizable! These features offer various design options for you to choose from, including its height and what materials you use to build it. Whether you want it tall enough to provide privacy for your property or low enough to reap its functional benefits and have it double as a seating wall - nothing is stopping you from achieving either! Not only that, but you can choose a material that satisfies your aesthetic preferences.

But wait, the benefits don't stop there. On the contrary, depending on where you install a retaining wall on your property, you can add a raised planter bed to bring pops of color or even a new patio now that you have more flat, usable space! Either way, a retaining wall allows you to kill two birds with one stone: solve erosion and limited space issues on your sloped property while adding a beautiful, timeless hardscape!

Some professional retaining wall installation companies can integrate outdoor lighting into the build so you can appreciate its beauty even after the sun goes down!

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